Our Two Priorities2015-07-31T14:20:41-04:00

SCHOOL – $5.6 million
Our long-term goals of the building project are to meet the ever-growing demand for classroom space:

  • Unite all the school children in one building.
  • Eliminate the temporary modular classrooms.
  • Renovate the existing 60 year old school building.
  • Expand and update computer and science labs, music and art rooms, and library.
  • Modernize the overall school infrastructure.

The school’s primary focus is to provide a safe, loving environment for children to receive academic and spiritual guidance.

“The future is in your hearts, in your minds and in your hands.” ~ Pope Francis

CHURCH – $900,000

    The expansion will include:

  • A portico entrance to the church.
  • Narthex vestibule.
  • Main sacristy room.
  • Server vestry/bridal room.
  • The east & west entry doors of the church will also feature extended covered entrances.
TOTAL: $6.5 million
Contributions received in excess of the cost of expanding and enhancing the school and church will go directly to the Parish Endowment Fund.