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Addressing these two priorities is the vital next step to sustain and build upon the rich and fruitful heritage that has been entrusted to us. They are the projects that support worship, promote fellowship, enhance our community outreach and enrich Catholic education. Those who came before us faithfully pledged their talents, resources, and prayers to build the church and school community that we have come to know and love.

St. Vincent Ferrer is known as a vibrant and active parish community with a growing membership. Our school is regarded as one of the finest in the Palm Beach Diocese and in the state. We want to build upon our success, so now is the time to act in pursuit of the goals that we envision together!

Our task is to collectively gather the personal and financial means to meet the challenges of today in order to do our part for a better tomorrow. The challenge rests with each of us. A capital campaign will bridge the SVF heritage of excellence to future generations. We have a precious legacy to nurture, foster and protect. Will you be a part of a better future for St. Vincent Ferrer? May God’s servant and our patron, St. Vincent Ferrer, support us with his prayers as we strive to do just that!

My sisters and brothers in Christ,
Over nearly four generations, our St. Vincent Ferrer Parish has seen a steady growth in the life and activity that has made us the dynamic parish family we are today. The sacrifices made to build up the Body of Christ in our midst have created a legacy that has endured to this day. Due to the efforts of those who have gone before us, we’ve become a great source of vibrant life in the Diocese of Palm Beach and our local community. The challenges faced in the past have created real opportunities for us to continue to grow and spread the Good News in our midst.
Now, an exciting new opportunity lies before us that will enable us to build upon this wonderful heritage and expand our mission because of the continued growth we have been experiencing in parish membership and school enrollment. The need to suitably address that expansion is both a challenge and a hidden blessing for us, as it will enable generations to come to enjoy what has been handed onto us. It is up to us to realize this potential and provide for the future life of our parish.
As Christian stewards, you and I believe that all that we have is from God, and that we are called to use the gifts that we have been given for building up the Body of Christ, the Church. In this spirit, I ask you to review thoughtfully and prayerfully the enclosed materials, and consider how you and your family might participate in this great undertaking.
May the hopes and endeavors of our church and school community move our hearts to give generously in support of this campaign to further our mission of faith, education, and service.
Gratefully yours in Christ,

Very Reverend Canon Thomas J. Skindeleski, PastorAs